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Chapman Position Announcements

1 Oct 2018 6:28 PM | Anonymous

Lecturer of Civil Procedure Practice Lab:                 https://webfarm.chapman.edu/jobs/job.aspx?id=974
Lecturer of Federal Tax Research:             https://webfarm.chapman.edu/jobs/job.aspx?id=975
Lecturer of Partnership Tax:        https://webfarm.chapman.edu/jobs/job.aspx?id=973
Lecturer of Law – Mediation:      https://webfarm.chapman.edu/jobs/job.aspx?id=970
Lecturer of Practice Foundations:  Civil:  https://webfarm.chapman.edu/jobs/job.aspx?id=972
Lecturer of Practice Foundations:  Transactions: https://webfarm.chapman.edu/jobs/job.aspx?id=971

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