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Scholarship and Leadership Opportunity Available Immediately – September 2018

Dear Orange County Law Students:

The Thurgood Marshall Bar Association ("TMBA") is a contemporary bar association committed to connect, support, and increase the Black legal community in Orange County. TMBA strives to promote diversity, professional improvement, and the advancement of justice through positive community involvement and excellence in the practice of law for the Black legal community, allies, and the community at large. TMBA works to increase diversity and inclusion both within the legal community and the broader Orange County community. TMBA's membership reflects this commitment to diversity through the principles of equality and inclusion.

You are invited to apply to be a TMBA Law School Ambassador ("LSA"). At least one TMBA LSA will be selected from Chapman University, Fowler School of Law, Western State College of Law, and University of California, Irvine School of Law.

OBLIGATIONS: If selected to be TMBA LSA, you will serve a term of 1 year on our board. You will (1) ensure your classmates, staff, and faculty, are aware of the TMBA mission and events; (2) attend an award dinner in January 2019 to receive recognition of your scholarship; and (3) collaborate with TMBA to host at least one event per semester at your law school. In order to do these things, you will need to actively participate in TMBA.

As a TMBA LSA you, are encourage to:

  1. Improve relations between the legal community and the community at large, promote understanding, goodwill and cooperation among lawyers and improve and promote the administration of justice, diversity and inclusion;
  2. Aid in the enactment and adoption of laws and social reforms for the economic and social welfare of all people in a manner consistent with the principles of TMBA, promote, speak for and advance the cause of civil and human rights for all citizens of the world; and
  3. Increase the diversity and inclusion within the community and highlight the contributions of persons who have advanced diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.
BENEFITS: If selected to be TMBA LSA for your law school, you will receive (1) a lawyer mentor on the board of TMBA and (2) a $500 scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded following the appointment and acknowledged at the TMBA Award and Installation Dinner in January 2019.

APPLICATION: Please submit your resume and a statement of up to one (1) page to support your application. Your statement may discuss why you are qualified to be a TMBA LSA; the skills you will use to successfully organize events; your commitment to diversity and inclusion; or any other topic you think is important. Be sure to include information about your background, involvement in leadership and demonstrated interest in diversity and inclusion. Submit applications to info@thurgoodmarshallbarassociation.org by September 30, 2018. Ambassador appointments are expected to be made by October 30, 2018.


Denisha P. McKenzie, President, Thurgood Marshall Bar Association

membership is free for students!

Part of Thurgood Marshall’s legacy is the recognition that no ethnic, social or cultural group is valued above any other. Thurgood Marshall Bar Association’s membership reflects this commitment to diversity and multiculturalism. Membership is complimentary to students.

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